We are proud of our work, and so are our clients. Our project portfolio shows how we realize our vision for repairing the Earth, utilize innovative landscaping techniques, and operate as a sustainable landscaping business.

We’ve created beautiful spaces in collaboration with our clients by creating ecologically healthy systems that our clients can gather in and enjoy. If you’re inspired, get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your landscaping goals!


A striped brown cat looking into a rocky dry creek filled with grasses and blooming red flowers.

South Minneapolis Backyard Oasis

A willow tree, rocky path, and native plants in front of a lake shoreline.

Minnehaha Creek Shoreline Restoration

Dappled light on tall trees in front of a white and grey mid-century modern home with metal veggie beds to the right.

Mid-Century Modern Update


Mendota Heights Mid-Century Woodland Edge

A small front yard in St. Paul, Minnesota is planted with a mix of low-growing deciduous and evergreen greenery in place of a traditional turf lawn.

St. Paul “Greenery” Lawn Replacement

A rustic cobblestone fire pit connected to a circular seating area via a winding gravel path in a small shaded backyard in the city of Minneapolis.

North Shore in the City

A long narrow strip of commercial land running alongside a brick public sidewalk has been planted with native shrubs and herbaceous woodland species nestled among bee-friendly habitat feature such as boulders and "fallen" logs.

Riverplace Urban Pollinator Refuge

A native sedge glen with birch grove and boulder accents in a water reclamation garden in suburban Minnesota.

Lake Emily Prairie School Water Reclamation

Historical Milwaukee Ave Ecological Rehab

A rustic wooden backyard fence overlooking a wetland in the fall.

Suburban Fringe Wetland Backyard

A permaculture yard filled with tall grasses, blooming yellow flowers, and shrubs in front of a white house.

Urban Permaculture Yard

Stabilization efforts with coir logs, wooden stakes, and a fence to prevent erosion along a steeply sloped lakefront.

Lake McCarrons Shoreline Stabilization

A variety of clumped grasses on a mulch mound surrounded by a textured grass lawn in front of a white home with green shutters.

A Lawn for Pollinators

A black building in an industrial architectural style with a rain garden full of plants in the foreground.

Industrial Rain Garden

A fenced backyard with a large oak tree in front of a modern black house with a natural wood patio leading to a rustic fire pit.A fenced backyard with a large oak tree in front of a modern black house with a natural wood patio leading to a rustic fire pit.

Urban Oak Savanna

A fenced in wetland area with blooming red flowers, grasses, and rocks with a small black pigs figure in the foreground.

Invasives Removal with Pigs

A rocky hillside with red and orange sumac trees changing color in the fall.

Rocky Hillside Rehab

A rocky dry steam with a bird feeder, grasses, and a small bridge over the creek.

Reclaimed Wetland Yard

A man and a child next to a shed in a back yard with filled with numerous pink, yellow, and orange flowers and vegetables on a very sunny summer day.

Edible Yard

A wooden pergola covering a concrete patio with a black metal table and chairs in front of a wooden fence.

Custom Pieces

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