A permaculture yard filled with tall grasses, blooming yellow flowers, and shrubs in front of a white house.
  • Location: Northeast Minneapolis, MN
  • Property Type: Residential
  • Year: Backyard 2019; Front yard 2020, 2021
  • Services: Design, Installation, Maintenance

About The Project

In tune with the permaculture principles involving-self-sustaining land management, regenerative habitat, and no-waste systems, this project has taken place over several seasons and is ongoing as the clients’ needs and flora change over time. Our initial design incorporated perennial edibles, a dry-creek and raingarden, and native plants as habitat and food pollinators. We also designed many key functions for our clients, including space for annual edibles for food production and a heavily utilized on-site compost.

We’ve strategically removed the traditional turf lawn little by little over several seasons, teaming up with the client to replace the lawn with a myriad of edible perennial species including paw-paws, lingonberry, asparagus, strawberry, rhubarb, honeyberry, currants, and a cherry tree.

With the edibles for humans and the abundance of native grasses, flowers, and shrubs, by early summer, this yard is buzzing with pollinators.

Continuing with the permaculture system of this yard, we work with the client to identify and make use of the beneficial ‘weeds’. The ‘weeds’ including nettles and dandelion which can be used for human consumption instead of becoming waste for the compost, while the violets and clover benefit the pollinators. As part of our ongoing maintenance, we selectively pull some of these ‘weeds’ to keep populations under control but leave some on site for the benefit of everyone who uses the space. Because every year brings a new look as different plants thrive, it’s a fun journey to visit this yard each season and adapt our maintenance to both the human and animal inhabitants.



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