Stabilization efforts with coir logs, wooden stakes, and a fence to prevent erosion along a steeply sloped lakefront.
  • Location: Roseville, MN
  • Property Type: Residential
  • Year: June 2020
  • Services: Invasives Removal and Small Scale Restoration
  • Watershed Grant: Cost-share grant from the Capitol Regions Watershed District
  • Collaborators: Ramsey Soil & Water Conservation District, Andy Montaine Landscaping

About The Project

In collaboration with the client, Ramsey County Soil & Water Conservation District, and the Capitol Region Watershed District, we installed shoreline stabilization measures to control erosion along the shoreline of Lake McCarrons. This project was brought to us as part of a cost-share program.

To prepare the site for stabilization, we installed coir logs along the highly eroding shoreline. Coir logs are biodegradable and over time become part of the soil that supports vegetation growth. The shoreline also required removing existing invasives and other woody material to begin controlling erosion with better-suited native plants. We installed live wooden stakes sourced from site for stabilization as well as a wave break fence and muskrat control.

The shoreline was then planted with a series of shoreline-appropriate and emergent plants to stabilize the soil to ensure the future success of the site so that erosion does not remain a persistent challenge. This busy, overused urban shoreline required these on-the-spot design interventions to ensure that our erosion control measures would properly function long-term.



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