Minneapolis – St. Paul Area Landscaping

Light Dark Landscape provides landscaping design, installation, maintenance, restoration, and project management services in the greater Minneapolis – St. Paul area. We work at the nexus of landscaping and restoration.

Our goal is to help others understand biodiversity by designing sustainable landscapes in residential, commercial, and public settings. We create thriving landscapes that are environmentally friendly and visually complementary to their existing surroundings.

Sustainable & Innovative

Sustainability is a gradient, and through innovative designs and techniques we meet our clients’ goals without compromising complex environmental concerns. Our fundamentals:

  • Buy from local growers when possible.
  • Know our growers’ practices, preferring organic or neonicotinoid-free.
  • Use plants that minimize water use.
  • Design to utilize on-site water capture.
  • Increase biodiversity — bees! butterflies! creatures!
  • Never use toxic fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals.
  • Incorporate recycled materials in design.
  • Plant native and edible species.
  • Avoid heavy machines to reduce compaction when possible.