This small South Minneapolis backyard was dominated by an outdated deck and compacted unhealthy grass; the site also had drainage issues. The clients wanted to update their landscape to fit their needs: fix the drainage problems, create a modern, fresh patio to enjoy outdoor dining and fires, and have a small space to teach their children about vegetable gardening without creating extra gardening work.

We co-designed and installed this project with Organic Bob, a fellow landscaper focused on organic lawn care with experience in grading and hardscape. Together we installed a dry creek bed to channel the water away from the house and garage toward a planting bed filled with native shrubs and grasses. We used modern materials to create a patio and fire pit for the family to enjoy warm summer evenings and added a couple of raised beds for low-maintenance vegetable gardening. We used a mix of native grasses and perennials in the garden beds to soften the space and provide visual interest in every season.